World famous First Point Noosa Heads

World famous surf-break First Point the first of 7 world-class breaks located in the pristine Noosa National park on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Situated at the eastern end of Noosa’s  main beach it is the most protected of all the breaks but can be just as moody as the others. A sand bottom makes for awesome swimming however,  when the weather turns and the  swell is on the rip sweeps up the beach to the north towards the river mouth  at a rate of knots beware !

Just this week the area from Noosa River mouth to North Sunshine beach gained the title of a National Surfing Reserve in recognition of its world-class surf breaks and rich surfing heritage. This adds to all the work done by local groups to preserve the natural habitat of the Noosa National Park and surrounds.

Gotta be glad that thought bubble to put a rock groyne running off  “The Boiling Pot” never went ahead !

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Noosa First Point Light N sunny Noosa First Point dark n stormy


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