Surf Check 9.00am Noosa Heads

Swell swinging into the bay but still very small and soft . The sandbanks have shaped up and looking the goods just need the push of swell. High tide again between the groynes and low tide over on the points.  All points will have something to get wet 1 to 2ft. The wind is moving around and gusty patches of onshore in between the offshore SE. Looking forward to the weekend will swell on the way along with enough rainwater to run the XXXX brewery for the next 2 years. Have a great day bp.

National Park no go here.
Johnsons Point waterlogged.
Main Beach a few to grovel on.
Between the groynes clean faces, onshore gusts coming through knocking the top off of it.
National Park Paddler 200m offshore and digging in.
Little Groyne a few wobblers lining up sandbank in place.
Mid Groyne 2ft happy chap gets one to the beach.
Ocean flat looking towards the National Park.
Random set Main Beach Noosa Heads great day for a walk.



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