Surf Check 9.00am Noosa Heads & Points

The high tide is affecting waves 2 to 3 ft the swell is hidden under the tide mid morning should see all points spring to life . Granite 4ft , Ti-Tree 3ft plus some. National
Park 3ft plus some . Johnsons point 2ft and First point 2ft plus some. It’s clean with plenty of sets 3 waves in each. Sun was out before but rain has closed in again.
Wetsuit needed wind in the 15 knot range gusting to 20 knots. Another day for a paddle but fully crowded. Cheers bp.

photo 332

National Park High tide

photo 233

National Park Loggers getting some .

photo 136

First Point Mob.

Paddle it will be crowded. Cheers bp


Main Beach Showers .


Rivermouth Ramps.


Rivermouth fast and hollow speed lines only.

photo 519

Main Beach rights long and fast.

photo 426

Rivermouth Rights below sea level.

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