Surf Check 8.30am Noosa Heads

Ocean at Noosa quiet this morning, great for swimming .
A hint of a wave at the points a quick trip on
Low might produce 1 to 2 ft at ti tree and granite
It won’t be grand . 1fters at the groynes clean
And fresh with the SW wind. Nice day for a cruise
in Hastings St and Dip . Have a legend day

Surf Check 8.00am Sunshine & Sunrise Beaches

The swell has jumped this morning with 2 to 3ft
Of long line swell . No real banks to speak of
On this tide low at 9.15am . Occasional swell
Will catch the end of a gutter and produce
Rideable rights . There is a left in north shine
Corner but quick and solid. Wind is SW and fairly
Light my pick would be pitta st Peregian
Or bays in coolum. Small 1ft swell at Noosa in Between the
Groynes, clean a get wet only. The quality
Will improve with the high tide SE wind might
Be into it by then. Enjoy the beach sunny
A few clouds water temp down a bit so it’s
Fresh . Cheers bp.

Elliot Marshall dialled in and kegged.



Love the music track, old is new again . nice work . bp.

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