There is so much good in the world and I wish the broader congregation of the surfing church would use their knowledge soaked up from time in the ocean to do more . It’s not that hard, films like this one light the fire ! Beautiful ladies, Beautiful Vision. bp.

Surf Check 10.00am Noosa Heads

It’s cloudy with barbs of sunshine & rain squalls . It is clearing and temp comfortable. Great for a swim and with jazz festival in full swing Hastings st is buzzing. At a pinch ti tree 2 ft low tide and granite head high but definitely 1 hour either side of low then the tap turns off . There is so much sand building up any swell could be a possibility . If you’re not surfing or beaching its a good day to take a walk out to hells gates in the Noosa national park , just in case take a brolly or raincoat and enjoy the fresh rain on your skin when possible . Here’s to Sunday’s Mahalo bp.

Surf Check 9.30am Sunshine & Sunrise Beaches

Slightly bleak on the open beaches today rain squalls chopped up 3 ft surf and no banks to speak of. The swell seems to have changed direction slightly to the east still pushing and underlying has a solid base of 3ft plus just a bit . Kite surfers might find some joy here . Small lines are filtering around into the bay’s wind there is offshore clean . Happy Sunday , bp.

Kael Walsh Shredder 14 Years Of Age

The future of surfing here in OZ is in good hands. Kael Walsh has energy to burn and makes his mark on some solid kegs. He pays his dues with a couple of sizeable water slides. It really is an exciting phase for surfing with kids all over the world now aspiring to be athletes in the art of surfing. Kael has the acrobatics and that 6th sense, feeling his way through the curtain that can only be learnt with real-time in the ocean. The ASP is transforming the sport, purists will not be happy, however, if it can give direction to kids, keep them occupied and fit and healthy. I have to give it the thumbs up. Enjoy this little shredder. bp.

Hurricane Marie = California = Malibu Point

Hurricane Marie, flared along the So Cal coast last week Malibu was the recipient of both waves and a cast of thousands. Dane Reynolds sublimely and surgically takes to its walls. Kelly Slater gets the rough end of the pineapple but gives a few punters a story for beer o’clock,  ” I dropped in on Kelly ” or “Kelly and I did  cross overs”. The seagull moment @ 0.27 is nice catch, as is Kelly’s little air punt right at the end. Happy fathers day to all the lads out there ! Cheers bp.


Mad Hueys Line Kirra up

Many a clip has been dialled in on the recent swell in SE Qld, this one from the shameless, self-indulgent and wonderful Mad Hueys takes you there. Ryan Hipwood’s speed line  @ 5.48 is a fine example of controlled acceleration and how the phark does Mick Fanning @ 5.07 ride the tube with both arms in the wall. Some of the best, medium size, sand bottom tube riding you will ever see. All hail Kirra and may it never be taken away !  bp.

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