Beach Conditions 9.00am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

It’s a sunny day on the open beaches today with some high tide shorebreaks. The high tide banks seem to be improving day by day and with west winds predicted later in the week coupled with the early morning high we should see some quality waves around. The swell is still in the 2 to 3ft range and has some punch, the direction is more east which is creating peaks. The wind is light SW spinning around to the NE  so while not epic is it surfable if you have time out. There is serious build up of sand at Noosa which means small swells will produce walls at the points. Worth a check on low tide at around 2pm NE wind will break down the faces but hey sun is out and has turned out to be beautiful spring day ! Enjoy your day Bp.

Sunrise Beach SSW glass water colour improving for summer.
Sunshine Beach Shorey peak Goofy Footer enjoying the solitude.
Sunshine Beach Shorey if the swell holds an early this week could produce the goods.
Sunshine Beach Peak the swell is holding .
North Sunshine left peak funneling through check this afternoon as the wind swings to the NE.
Surf Club Shorey shallow peaks Ok its onshore, there’s a few drops among them.



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