Kelly Slater Launches His New Brand >< Outerknown

Kelly Slater has debuted on the website with a “clean slate”. Its new beginnings for Kelly fronting a start-up offer to be molded as a sustainable surf brand. With a career that’s reached every pinnacle in the sport of surfing Kelly Slater now takes on the next challenge of instilling a culture within the business that reflects both his experience and day-to-day lifestyle. From the places he travels to the food he eats this will be worth watching . Bp.

Outerknown: Kelly Slater monitors the production of his eco-friendly surf wear

“The name Outerknown references the furthest reaches of our knowledge today. As designers, it challenges us to build better, more sustainable products,” the surf company explains in its opening web page.

“As producers, it asks us to lift the lid on our supply chain bringing the consumer along on our journey to transparency. As storytellers, it enables perpetual evolution of our brand vision. As athletes and performers, it pushes us to formerly impossible levels.”

“And as global citizens, it offers the opportunity to observe this multi-cultural world we live in and bring together seemingly unconnected people and ideas for the purpose of discovering the next Outerknown.”

“It’s been a long time coming and I’m proud to let you know that the clothing brand I’ve been working on has launched our ‘Handshake Website’ at this morning. I look forward to telling you more as the brand develops,” Kelly Slater explains.

Designer John Moore will lead the Outerknown team and will be supported by a strategic partner, The Kering Group.



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