Surf Check 8.00am Sunshine & Sunrise Beaches

A grey ocean this morning 2ft of swell and an east south East onshore wind . Messy choppy conditions with no real banks to speak of . The best you’ll get are some random Shoreys try north end a couple of crew out getting some . High tide today will be best , there’s a long trench gutter developing on the stretch from surf club north to dog poo alley . Who knows we may see banks form from this keep an eye on it . Sunrise not much there and slightly smaller . Noosa is slightly onshore and tiny it’s very busy already so get your parking cap on. Some showers are forecast so best to be on the beach this morning some cloud about wind is light. Surf in Noosa 1ft range between the groynes maybe a small wave at first point and outer bays on low but is tiny take your log for a paddle . Have a top Saturday bp.


Noosa Heads Surf Checks and Things To Do

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