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I met a young lady the other day who was home visiting friends and left a lasting impression. She stepped out into the unknown and trusted herself. What do you do when you get to a point that you want to travel and don’t really know where you’re heading or what lies ahead . I guess you just put a pin in an area and go. Kristy Ellis decided South America was for her and headed to Colombia with a plan to hang out, 2 years later she has built a life for herself along with a handful of other Aussies in Cartegena.  With a bit of get up and go she has established ” Cartegena Connections”. Kristy takes small groups of english speaking crew around the town checking out daily life on the street. The locals seem bemused that their street food would be of interest to anyone but a hungry stomach. but hey it is interesting. After chatting with Kristy you can tell she has truly  fallen in love with this place and now calls it home as well as the bright lights of Brisbane. How often do we hold back on jumping into the unknown, and end up much poorer for it. You gotta respect Kristy and those like her , thanks for the inspiration ! I have included a few pic’s from Kristy’s web site . How sweet it looks, it is a blue paddock that is now high on my must visit list.  Very little english is spoken here, go visit Kristy and the beaches of Cartegena. bp.


Kristy on the job.
Kristy on the job.

Australian born and bred, but internationally informed, Kristy’s heart has been captivated by Cartagena de Indias and she’s planning to stick around. With a preference for substance over style, you are likely to find Kristy hungrily sucking the marrow out of life at every possible opportunity. Her quest to savour everything to the fullest sees her flitting from zumba classes, to the central market, to happening bars, to gastronomic greats, to fashion-forward retailers, to the great outdoors and almost anything and everything along the way.

With a background in history and law, coupled with an incurable curiosity, Kristy has been equipped ably in uncovering all the juicy stories and histories of Cartagena’s dramatic past. These she now shares, along with her love of local culinary delights, with visitors from around the world.

Kristy also shares her connections to the best and most reputable tour operators and providers for when your travels take you beyond the walled city. And for visitors requiring
customised tours or event planning, Kristy is available to provide personalised concierge services by private arrangement.

Her incredible zest and enthusiasm, her enormous network of local connections, her now-famous dance floor domination, her cast-iron constitution and her almost passable Spanish, make Kristy your perfect partner in gaining a local perspective to the best bits of Cartagena de Indias. So get connected!



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