Surf Check 11.30am Noosa Heads

Noosa beaches are busy but not over the top. The river mouth Area has plenty of parking , National park car park is full and is a mission . Tiny point waves now appearing but a lot more work to do before it’s more than a paddle. Waves in the 1 to 2ft just range in between the groynes and will improve on the incoming tide. The weather is still warm with clouds now filling in and a light shower on the hour or so and looks like it may well set in. . Enjoy your lunch whatever you’re doing mucho aloha , bp.

Surf Check 8.00am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

It’s a windy day on the beaches onshore Ese has kicked in and bumped the swell to 2ft with the odd 3ft set. Very choppy sloppy surf conditions on open beaches and no real workable banks . Alex Bay Southern point might have a few stray ones but will be sideshore sloppy at 3ft. Noosa points will have small waves around lunchtime on low tide and should see a growing swell during the afternoon. Middle groyne has a few short semi closing out rides. It’s full up down there so parking will be an issue . Try a late charge between the groynes on the higher tide . Take your patience with you whilst cloudy it’s warm and glorious on the beach . Cheers enjoy your Sunday bp .

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