Random Dog Post

Hey guys was walking back to my car after doing an evening shop and saw these two happy pups, it was all good but reminded me of pure “life is good”. Tails wagging waiting for their mum and dad,  I’m glad I stopped and took this pic . bp.

Hey there !
Ears up and waiting they love their mum and dad !

Surf Check 8.30am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Beach conditions have improved today winds are light SSE a few Shorebreaks just after high tide at 8 not many crew out . Low tide after lunch today small waves at Noosa points 2ft ti-tree and granite . Plenty of cloud so not ideal for a beach sit but still warm . Swimmers are out in force at Noosa . There are banks between the groynes worth a check if you have a free day it’s a get wet only with a small and weak swell pushing through in this area. A walk in the national park might just be the tonic today . Cheers bp.

Surf Check 23rd Sept 8.00am sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Sloppy, Chunderous conditions on the open beaches today. The wind is up at round 20 knots from the East and swell around the 3-4ft mark,no banks,  no fun at all on the open beaches. The wind will swing tot he SE later today which will clean up the points for an afternoon session of 2-3ft walls on the outer Noosa Points. This morning its easterly 2ft dribble as bad as it gets.

So hang out for the wind change. Its busy around the Noosa area so timing will be the key to a decent surf. Have a great day , Bp.

Sunshine morning sun peaking through.
Sunshine morning sun peaking through.
Sunshine Beach whitewater chowder.
Sunrise Beach lumps to the horizon.
Grey day on Sunshine Beach today.
Grey day on Sunshine Beach today.
Sunshine Beach chopped out.
Sunshine Beach surf club bank washing through.
Hippys cark park shorebreak mash.
Sunhsine Beach soldiers marching to shore.
North Sunshine strip no one out.
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