Surf Check Staurday 27.9.2014 Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Theres a light SE wind on the ocean this morning which has dropped the quality. very few sandbanks around forming peaks and surfable waves not much chop actually. best waves are on the open beaches north end sunshine and castaways north end of car park.  Noosa has small waves between the groynes but its tiny and a log would be needed for a splash. The beaches at Noosa are looking groomed and perfect, sunny and crystal clear ocean. The wind is predicted to increase without a dramatic pick up in swell size,  the weekend outlook is marginal surf. Could well be time to mow the lawn, wash the dog, walk the Noosa national park or just take a drive in the country. What a win by the Hawthorn AFL team slick, fast and fantastic. Go the bunny’s in next weeks NRL grand final ! Have a great weekend bp.

Sunshine Bch surf club bank not providing .
Hippys no banks to speak of.
Sunshine Beach high tide shories a bit long 1 or 2 if you wait.
North Sunshine cloudy but still beachable .
North Sunshine the sand bank is changing losing its peak.
Sunshine Beach lifesavers beach buggy on the move.
Sunrise Beach a couple out not getting any.
Sunrise Beach none out back and none in close.
Sunrise Beach lifesavers moving into postion.
Sunrise Beach parked, ready for setup and looking after holiday beachgoers.
Sunrise Beach overview, try North end of Castaways Beach car park.


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