Surf Check 8.00am 3rd October Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Sun is up and some surf around this morning. Glassy ocean conditions with 2-3ft of swell . West wind is blowing but will swing to the NW then NE today fairly quickly. Peaks all along the sunrise sunshine stretch so pick your spot a few crew out as you can see in the pics. It’s a welcome surprise, you might find a random wall on the points at low this morning but it wont last long when the NE wind kicks in. Beach goes will be in for a classic day sunny conditions will last the whole day through. Water temp is moving up 21 degrees perfect ! Enjoy this beautiful day here . bp.

A bright start to Sunshine Beach day.
Sunshine Beach glassy and crew out.
Sunshine Beach surf club bank is back and beginning to shallow up and improve.
Sunshine Beach NE peaks beginning to form.
Sunshine Beach takeoff .
Sunshine Beach few larger ones nice wall line.
Sunrise Beach shoulder to shoulder.
Sunrise Beach rolling peak.
Sunrise Beach banks closing out further down the coast there are better banks, beach chalet and north castaways..
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