Surf Check 8.30am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

It’s a big day in Noosa with the Noosa triathlon well underway by now, a showcase event with thousands of competitors. Noosa is crazy packed courtesy buses running from a numb er of locations around town. Its hot out there, NW wind blowing which will dry them out, there is a buzz down there. Surf it’s very small on the open beaches with less than a foot of wind swell. It’s refreshing in the water worth a splash and pretty nice on the beach as well. Crew out at Sunrise near beach chalet shop and all along the stretch to North Sunshine. No one place seems to be better than the other, just random peaks. Noosa Boardriders have a grommies comp near dog poo alley North Sunshine and they seem to be making the most of it. Great to see a good crowd. We will have a SE change come through after lunch and this will cool things off and make Noosa the pick spot this arvo, offshore clean and real nice down on the beach even with a bit of cloud around.

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