Surf Check 8.00am Sunshine & Sunrise Beaches

Well, there you go , a slight bump in swell size unexpected but welcome, NNE direction is creating small runners along the open  beaches  and also 1ft random peaks at main beach. light winds early turning NE later get out there. liking the beach conditions today , and hope Lee gets more than an entrée tonight ! Noosa just getting better day by day right now. Cheers bp.

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Surf Check 6th November 8.00am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

The local beaches are small 1ft NE peaks, offshore  clean and crystal clear. Best banks , Sunrise chalet shops , Sunshine Beach  Surf Club shorey and a few at dog poo alley. Sunny conditions all day with a late cleansing storm. Noosa points  flat but small 1/2 to 1ft waves in the groyne area. Tomorrow much the same conditions with early cloud which should burn off. Dont forget Last Paradise is showing at the Noosa 5 Cinemas this weekend, an award-winning film of surf n life. Super Brand Demo boards have arrived at the Golden Breed store Noosa – get in for ride on the new Quadrafinas and Fling perfect for the surf conditions at present. cheers bp.

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