Surf Check 6th November 8.00am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

The local beaches are small 1ft NE peaks, offshore  clean and crystal clear. Best banks , Sunrise chalet shops , Sunshine Beach  Surf Club shorey and a few at dog poo alley. Sunny conditions all day with a late cleansing storm. Noosa points  flat but small 1/2 to 1ft waves in the groyne area. Tomorrow much the same conditions with early cloud which should burn off. Dont forget Last Paradise is showing at the Noosa 5 Cinemas this weekend, an award-winning film of surf n life. Super Brand Demo boards have arrived at the Golden Breed store Noosa – get in for ride on the new Quadrafinas and Fling perfect for the surf conditions at present. cheers bp.

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Noosa Heads Surf Checks and Things To Do

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