Surf Check 8.00am Sunshinr and Sunrise Beaches

A small swell run continues, but a swing in the wind direction to the SE has cooled off the beach some. Sunny and sweet on the beaches just a great time to be on days off ! 1/2 ft of swell on the open beaches and banks beginning to form through all tides . Next swell will expose the better shaped banks and there will be a few. Noosa pristine this morning with no swell but offshore winds and magic swimming conditions all through the National Park. The town centre is busy as is main beach book your patch of sand. Have an awesome day ! bp.

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Surf Check 16th November Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

What a day for the beach way hot temps and a stiff cooling NE sea-breeze. No swell to speak of 1/2 side shore peaks. Just magic summery day with the water seemingly 4 degrees cooler, great place to cool off . Will hit 38 degrees today. Noosa flat and onshore windy again the beach the place to be. November surf blues have kicked in time a beach drive. Cheers bp.

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