Hotel Gabriel Paris – A Place To Chill

This Place just caught my eye. One day…….. “a dream is but a window to fate.” bp.

“Some Parisian hotels aim to sweep guests up in the bustling romance of this great city. The Gabriel, by contrast, is for guests who can get quite enough bustling romance outside the hotel’s doors. It’s more like a pocket-sized spa resort than a city boutique, and the fact that it’s located a short walk from the Marais makes for a fair bit of street life, whether by day or by night.

A quiet room and a soothingly Zen sense of interior design both go a long way towards producing the desired restful reaction. There’s more, if you want it, from organic food (and organic bath products) to detox-themed spa treatments, from facials to Japanese-inspired seitai massages. But most of us will find the mix of high style and luxe comfort to produce all the relaxation we could ask for.

As is customary in Paris, the Gabriel can afford to opt out of certain services which the city at large is only too happy to provide — which is the long way of saying there’s no restaurant because there’s no need for one. This hotel offers a stylish respite from the life of the city, not a full-immersion twenty-four-hour experience. The contrast is the whole point — take part in the bustle by day, and unplug and detox by night.”





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