Surf Check 8.00am Sunshine & Sunrise Beaches

Magic conditions this morning a 2ft swell hidden under the tide and a range of clean shoreys right along the stretch. Overcast and damp from the overnight rain but this will burn off by lunchtime and the sun will in full bloom. What a great start to the Christmas lead up. The low tide on the open beaches will expose the swell size to 2Ft plus range. Late high tide shoreys today with light winds predicted North end Sunshine the go. life is good ! bp

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Surf Check 16th December 9.00am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Gidday from Noosa ,the sun is back with us and beaching is looking good again. Small swell North wind 2ft and will drop throughout the day. Noosa very small and choppy beach conditions windy but still ok.

The town is now gearing up and families are arriving for summer holidays , with surf on the way much fun to be had ,  bp.

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Surf Check 7.30am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Still windy and a 3-4 ft swell running, more line to it but slightly smaller and longer. Open beaches again a challenge and no joy. Noosa very small and congested. Lots of christmas traffic on the roads and beaches clean main beach great for a swim. Ti-tree 2ft max on low tide and shallow. High tide bank at the groyne area and that about covers it. Enjoy a lazy Sunday, tomorrow will be fine and sunny magic beach conditions on Main. C U there . bp.

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Surf Check 9.30am Noosa Heads

Grey skies and lots of action on Main Beach, the Slam Volleyball comp is in town. Small lines on mid tide plenty of sand so whatever swell there is, is makin small waves. Not much of a day on the beach but a walk in the park will get the blood flowing. Expect 2ft + waves at Ti-tree real late on lower tide and possibly 2ft sets at National a lot of lines so will probably be a lot of waves in each set. Lightweight wetsuit for comfort and wind protection. showers should start to clear overnight and Main Beach will washed clean tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday, bp.

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Surf Check 10.00am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

A cold wind blowing, way strong SSE making a mess of the open beaches.3-4ft of fast-moving southeast swell, part windswept. Windblown peaks along the beach but no chance of getting out without assistance. Waves coming through randomly all over the place you couldn’t sit in the right spot if you tried. The swell is brushing past the Noosa points with only 1ft lines filtering through, the size may improve late as the tide drops. Action plus on main beach with the slam volleyball series. As beach days go it is drizzle all the way and windy, almost a rug up day. Nice day for a refreshing walk through the Noosa National Park. Here’s to Saturdays. bp.

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Surf Check 7.15am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Bright skies n great beach weather today grab your bucket n spade n get down there. The surf has died some and winds are light North, semi glassy waves in the 2 to 3 ft range . Sunrise not that good, surf club bank peaking and is probably the best plenty of ants all over it though. North Sunshine has waves a few close outs amongst them. All in all another good day for surf n beach here in Noosa . Main beach will be small and perfect for swimming , light breeze clear water. The Noosa points will have very small waves on low tide, longboards or boards with mega volume only. Half foot waves between the groynes great for beginners . Have a great day bp.

Surf Check 9th December 9.00am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

A little overcast but it is on swell pumping and clean conditions. 3ft plus peaks will be better on high tide closing out on low a bit. North Sunshine left is back on the mid tide. I hear Yaromba has “the” bank, shades of the old  Yaromba peak. It’s very humid and sticky , best place to be for a cool off is in the water . Sun will come out later and brighten things up. Small point waves again early morning clean and will chop up some with the increase in onshore wind. Early December swell looking good for the rest of the month. Cheers bp.

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