Surf Check 7.30am 7th December Sunshine & Sunrise Beaches

Clean conditions on the open beaches with 3-4 ft of solid swell this will be fun ! Coming into high tide it will be slightly soft but shories will pop up. Best area Beach Chalet Sunrise, Hippies and North Sunshine in the corner. Rain clouds hanging around but it does look like they will burn off and we will get some sunshine. Its humid today so a swim will be the ticket. Great day for the beach you will get a surf either open beaches or a few 2ft sliders at the points on the lower tide. It is busy around town and school will be out this week. Look out grommets everywhere. Just launched the Shotgun Shootout is on a 6 event surf competition series around the Noosa area will become  a classic for the Noosa Surf Scene. Enjoy your Sunday bp.

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