Surf Check 9.30am Noosa Heads

Grey skies and lots of action on Main Beach, the Slam Volleyball comp is in town. Small lines on mid tide plenty of sand so whatever swell there is, is makin small waves. Not much of a day on the beach but a walk in the park will get the blood flowing. Expect 2ft + waves at Ti-tree real late on lower tide and possibly 2ft sets at National a lot of lines so will probably be a lot of waves in each set. Lightweight wetsuit for comfort and wind protection. showers should start to clear overnight and Main Beach will washed clean tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday, bp.

IMG_1011 IMG_1013  IMG_1020IMG_1021IMG_1016IMG_1015 IMG_1017 IMG_1018  IMG_1014IMG_1009



Noosa Heads Surf Checks and Things To Do

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