Totally check out Carl’s work, the mashup of various songs is ON, this one of Tracey Chapman’s Fast Cars and Chet Faker’s Talk is Cheap takes me away. Carl is gigging at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club April 5th 3pm-6pm. Love your work Carl !

Surf Check 8am Sunshine & Sunrise Beaches

Hey guys n gals , surfs up . West Sou west wind this morning . Clean 3 ft plus peaks all over the place and a cracking beach day . Will soften with the onshore breeze. Gutters and banks in from of surf club and north sunshine. Low tide try ti tree bay should be clean 2 ft . Nice day in Noosa ! Bp

Surf Check 9am Sunshine Beach

Small clean NE peaks in the 1ft mark . For the size pretty good . NE wind will get up as tide drains out. There are a couple banks in front of surf club. Nothing flash this afternoon nice day for a swim . Bp

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