Surf Sunshine Beach

Sunny and plenty of peaks this week , sand banks are ready for the winter west wind . Sweet smell of summer is now fading, long shadows appearing and darkness falling earlier. It’s a comfort to know the seasons will always come and go, natures constant. Just is and that’s good. Bp


There are tragedies all over the world, last week the murder of Stephanie Scott a 26-year-old Leeton teacher just dumbfound’s me. Today would have been her wedding day, instead her family and friends are holding a picnic in a park to cherish her memory. Yellow ribbons will abound. Stephanie was at her school last sunday getting things in order for her relief teacher while she was to be away on her honeymoon. The murderer a 24-year-old male cleaner at her school. At what point, what changed? Was it already there, where does it come from? Why? Sure there will be clinical stuff, but surely on a base level he knows right and wrong, so what made it right in his head, at what point?

Australia is a nation in morning for two very different reasons right now. Both individuals honored, respected, mourned and will be missed with lasting sadness. My yellow ribbon in honour of Stephanie is out on the verandah in a place I like to sit.

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