Jimmy Fox Cafe a new find at Noosaville.

Out for a walk, bumped in to this new cafe, a bit organic street food , a sweet location across from the river. The breakfast menu shouted out and had to stop for a bite sat out in the gorgeous sunshine . The lunch and dinner menu read like a love story, yearn for more and more. The pulled pork taco’s sounded yummo, and burgers, Noosa needed this step up. Will do the taste test and report the lunch & dinner menu in the next week or so. Anyway, it’s always nice to find somewhere new, open couple months will go the long haul. A lot of new digs opening up in Noosa over the last few months, we are finally getting the food variety we love. Mahalo Bp.

Jimmy Fox Cafe - Burgers, Street food, Salads.

Jimmy Fox Cafe – Burgers, Street food, Salads.

Signage organic as well.

Signage Organic as well.


Menu’s on tables and walls along with the in house herb garden fresh as.


Smoothie and juice menu

Hey it's simple but the food isnt.

Hey it’s simple but the food isnt.

Sweet space for a chat outdoors.

Sweet space for a chat outdoors.


Much to like about this new hub.

Sunny and plenty of greenery.

Sunny and plenty of greenery.

Come on Steve breakfast is ON !

Come on Steve breakfast is ON ! Inside space warm and toasty.

Jimmy Fox girls on the job.

Jimmy Fox girls on the job.

Great service.

Great service.


Jimmy Fox Brekkie menu.


Sticky black rice porridge, grilled banana, candied coconut, ginger syrup & coconut cream ( dairy free GF). smooth sailing here, awesome.


Smashed avocado, fetta, tomato salsa & Mixed seeds. Flavour mix to brighten up the day. YUM.



What’s your’e daily toast challenge ?

Was listening to a radio show recently , they had a “what do you have on your toast” challenge. Matt Preston a well-known celebrity foodie put this one out there. Apricot jam and Worcestershire sauce ! Thought whoa not sure about that, he reckons the sweet and sour is bliss. It was a talk back show and heaps of crew ringing in with some of the wildest daily fetish’s really funny show. Anyway, I tried it and well it was really OK . So what about a “what’s your daily toast” challenge, lets hear em all ?


Yum, could eat this now, pre Worcestershire.


The full monty.


Almost done not bad at all !

Favourite Coffee Drop Sunshine Beach Qld Australia

It can be soooo hard to find a really good coffee, favourite stop for a double shot flat white is Bean Drop’s Droplet at Sunshine Beach, just young guys having a dig, good to see, bare feet n bikinis sweet as !

Where’s your favourite drop ?

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