Surf Check 8.30am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Just a magic start to the day on the beach this morning a cool NW wind is up 10 knots and will get to a healthy 15 knots north wind. Very warm and clear skies beach goers enjoying all along the Sunrise to North sunshine stretch. The swell is still in the 1-2ft range with moving peaks , great if you’re in the sweet spot, you will have to move it up and down the beach . North Sunshine is slightly protected and is the best value. A steady crew building around 25 out. It is holding form even as the wind picks up. Noosa is windy blown out choppy on shore,  no real surf. A get wet in the Noosa river lagoons will offer a break from the wind and a glorious swimming conditions.  Finish off with a Margarita on sunset at Bistro- C on Main . All in all a great beach day here. bp.

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