A poem for my son.

You will never know.
Why I have done these things and let you fly
Fuck it, I want to tell you why, but
What’s the upside, nil
You are happy and that’s what counts
Man it’s good to see you fly
You will never know
Why I live my life in a parallel
World of wondering
That you’ll be safe
Stupid I know
You can look after yourself
And I did too
So my son
Live and love with all your heart
You will never know


I wanted to share this quote with you it’s on our fridge at home and we live by this every day. Moy Sweetman was someone very special to our area and made a difference.

“Do not take life for granted, enjoy every minute, cherish your friends and family and if your having a “bad hair day” get over it – it is only hair. Life is about living, so dream my friends, dream big.”

Moy Sweetman

Noosa Heads



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