I Love The smell of Napalm In The Morning

Sometimes we motor on through life and then a reminder like a movie or a song prompts reflection on our own timeline. This movie is just so powerful…… doesn’t smell like victory to me. With honour and respect, Lest we forget.

Out Of Change Comes A Bigger World – Lets All Hold Hands

This Video entry into the Byron Bay Film Festival will move you. It eloquently captures a family prompted to change the way they live and love their life. Surfing is part of their story woven through an alternative lens.

We all have moments that prompt us , we need to listen and act.

“I feel safe, its only change”.


Cool Surf Clip by my favourite New Australian brand.

Featuring Josh Sleep & Luke Stickley
Cinematography by Harry Triglone


You don’t often see such finesse and timing pulling into a decent tube, these goofy foots have a sixth sense.

Some of their stuff below, its fresh, love its colour and attitude !





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