Surf Check 8.00am Sunshine & Sunrise Beaches

A little jump in swell size has improved waves today . 2ft plus swell & NW wind to 10 knots already . Shorebreaks at sunrise Hippys , North hippys and North sunshine . The Hippys surf club area banks are coming good again a few good ones amongst sets. Keep an eye out over the next week. North sunshine bank is also improving out back and behind the point on mid tide. Another sweet beach day NE wind will get up north sunshine the pick after 11am . North end Alex also has a bank will be sideshore later less crowded . Have an awesome day bp .

Surf Check 6th October 8.00am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Small 1ft-2ft clean conditions this morning, WNW wind will blow through the morning and then turn NE later today . Shorey  peaks in the Sunrise Beach area and again North Sunshine the pick bank. Beach conditions epic if you manage to get time off this morning slip down for a swim, definitely worth the effort. Noosa no waves today 1/2 ft sideshore will be onshore by 11am. Main beach less crowded and again perfect for a day at the beach. Cheers. bp.

Sunrise smooth ocean today.
Sunrise peaks
Sunrise walls.
Sunrise beach conditions ideal.
Sunshine clean no banks.
Sunshine small 1ft closeouts.
Hippys north couple peaks in close.
A great Day for it .
Walk the dog ….
North Sunshine mid tide peak.
North Sunshine small shoreys in close.
North Sunshine great day for cruising on the beach.
Still some swell wind holding 10am.

Surf Check 9.00am Noosa Heads

Sunday long weekend holiday, crystal clear ocean, clear skies, hot sunny with a cool NE sea breeze, Noosa doesn’t get much better . The swell is filtering into Laguna Bay , it is in the 1ft range very small but just being in the water on any craft will take you away today. Low tide for a slide in the national park watch out for the SUP pack, looks like drone central. The walking track jam packed with fit n healthy runners no room to move. The traffic along Noosa parade is backed up to Noosa Sound/ Munna point bridge,that’s a first, have  never seen that before in 38 years. Plenty of crew out enjoying the day. Anyway a beer at the surf club late today would be just wonderful. Cheers bp.

National Park drone attack.
National Park 1/2 ft slide.
Ti-tree Bay overview.
Ti-Tree bay paddle back along the rock shelf for some excitement.
Ti-Tree Bay beach filling up.
Drones off flatrock.
Laguna Bay peaceful today.
Drones off Boiling Pot.
Johnsons Point and new low tide beach.
Johnsons Point picnic on the rocks.
Little Cove just popped in for brekky and a swim.
Big Tri on Laguna Bay out for a spin , motoring big time look through the hulls.
U Turn back out to sea.
Starting to amp it up, rooster tail 50 + metres.
National Park fly past.
Charging along the point back out to sea.
National Park Glass.
National Park, coffee & muffin sit.
The new National Park Beach.
A fine line of sand into Johnsons Point & Little cove.


Surf Check 7.30am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

The swell is on this morning 3ft plus and solid , but a serious lack of banks. The wind light west about to turn NW and then NE low tide around 10am . The wind will stay light for most of the day so conditions may improve on the incoming tide. Sweet on the beach sunny and warm, work on your tan. Best waves a few long ones at Ross Crescent and surf club stretch has random peaks. Try Hippys and North end on high tide. Noosa pristine this morning small waves at the points in the 1ft range, glassy clean and crystal clear. A picnic day at the beach a must, watch out for hordes of fit n healthy runners. Get out in the fresh air. Cheers bp.

Hippys morning glass.
Hippys morning glass.
North Sunshine sets clear blue to the horizon.
Sunshine Beach surf club bank right peak firing off.
Hippys burger , left rip shorey forming, check on high tide.
Wadells peak .
Sunshine Beach lifesavers will have their work cut out for them on high tide with the long weekend holiday.
Hippys Left rip bank forming.

Surf Check 8.00am 3rd October Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Sun is up and some surf around this morning. Glassy ocean conditions with 2-3ft of swell . West wind is blowing but will swing to the NW then NE today fairly quickly. Peaks all along the sunrise sunshine stretch so pick your spot a few crew out as you can see in the pics. It’s a welcome surprise, you might find a random wall on the points at low this morning but it wont last long when the NE wind kicks in. Beach goes will be in for a classic day sunny conditions will last the whole day through. Water temp is moving up 21 degrees perfect ! Enjoy this beautiful day here . bp.

A bright start to Sunshine Beach day.
Sunshine Beach glassy and crew out.
Sunshine Beach surf club bank is back and beginning to shallow up and improve.
Sunshine Beach NE peaks beginning to form.
Sunshine Beach takeoff .
Sunshine Beach few larger ones nice wall line.
Sunrise Beach shoulder to shoulder.
Sunrise Beach rolling peak.
Sunrise Beach banks closing out further down the coast there are better banks, beach chalet and north castaways..

Surf Check 8.00am Noosa Heads

Noosa is looking like a chance today murky cloud but right now suns out and it’s warm . 1ft on first point and national increasing slowly by the hour as the swell pushes in . Busy in the street already coffee is on and ready . Holidays in full swing for a break take a walk in the national park plenty if koalas and goannas to see . Ti tee around 3pm is my pick . High tide try in between groynes , too much fun is the slogan for today . Cheers bp.

Surf Check 7.30am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

What a difference a day makes. The swell is on the up building by the hour 3ft plus junk surf on the open beaches . ESE wind swirling and chopping up walls . No chance out here this morning , south end Alex bay a possible but Noosa a probable . It’s 1ft on outer points by lunchtime should be in the 2ft range . Clean walls but it will be in the timing . Low around 8am high just after lunch . Murky upstairs but we will see sunny patches . Have a top Thursday cheers bp.

Surf Check 2pm Noosa Heads

Noosa is buzzing beach packed hot sultry weather cool breeze from the NE . No surf joy and plenty of jellyfish . The wind is set to turn SE late tonight and the swell to build its possible we will have clean 2ft point waves on the low and a short building swell for Friday . It will be crowded but a welcome break from the NE wind that’s been blowing up. Expect prime beach going weather , nation park walk and swim will delight . Cheers bp.

Surf Check 8.30am Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches

Hot hot day ahead 31 degrees predicted. North wind is up 1ft of swell sideshoreish . Worth a cool down only no quality waves today . North sunshine ok crowded 16 surfers in the line up clean but outback close downs into the gutter. Maybe on high it may be better it’s semi clean and should stay mostly that way today wind will get up stronger it’s 15 plus knots right now . Expect a late SE wind change . Hippys to the left has a burgers bank and sunrise has a couple in front of the chalet shop but full and sluggish. Great beach conditions on eastern beaches clear hot ocean temp refreshing. Noosa will be windy until the change kicks in so find a spot away from the Nor Easterly . Busy in Hastings st shop till you drop, have a swim Then shop again ! All go there, cheers enjow the day bp.

Surf Check 9.00am Noosa Heads

It’s clear skies all the way today . NW wind is light ocean glassy on main beach this morning 1/2 ft of swell log sliding only . NE wind will get up late morning so take advantage of sweet beach conditions right now. If you’re in for a swim later try Noosa sound side of the spit near the park at the end of Hastings st , it will be calm and a great spot to cool down . Relax fill your lungs full of life . Mahalo bp.

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