Noosa National park pristine under a light shower or two today. The sand bank is building up summer swell on the way. All in all its good to be alive !

North Sunshine Beach Shining today

It’s winter out there blue steel skies west wind brushing 2 to 3ft lines . A great day for surfing and then tucking into a crusty roll and soup, Feels like home ….. Enjoy your weekend ! Bp


Just the best day on the beach today, light  WSW winds a slight kick in the swell 2ft + a bit. Find a quiet spot and dream the day away! Small waves at Noosa, the National park stunning today great for a swim. Check the wheelchair guy, he was on a roll flying down to the beach, big smile having a great time, just loving life this morning. Have a cracking day ! bp.



Sometimes its the innocent growing up things that make us laugh with affection and pure fun. My work place often has bikini girls right off the beach come through to pick up a few things. Yesterday, our junior roustabout, a great boy works hard and is a pleasure to teach, he had the floor and the checkout. Up comes a hot and I mean hot bikini babe with serious assets. He fumbles over the sale finding it hard not to look, temp rising he gets through it with a big smile.  As this darlin exits the shop he doubles over behind the counter and we hear an almighty “holy Moley” !

Suffice to say, the senior staff watching all this at back double over and break into almighty laughter and its “holey moley’s”  for the rest of the day ……. that smile will still be on his face this morning !

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